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Do you need a mortgage broker to help refinance or apply for a new loan? You’ve come to the right place. Our mortgage brokers  will find the best rates and terms that meet your personal circumstances. We provide customised solutions designed specifically for you.

Mortgages can be a lot more complex than they first appear. You need to be able to spot the best terms, lenders, rates, features, insurances and much more to find the right one for your circumstances.  Frankly, there is a lot to think about. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone who could lead you gently through the tangled mortgage maze?  At iMortgage Broker Brisbane, we connect you with local specialists who will guide you through all the available choices. You will be presented with the most cost-effective financial solutions using a network of he leading Australian mortgage lenders.

Mortgages are not a one-size-fits-all and our consultative process is tailored to help you to find best home loan product on the market for your requirements.  Whether you are buying a home for the first time, renewing your mortgage or refinancing to release equity in your property, we will use our expertise and deep industry knowledge to source the very best deal for you.

Our aim is to take the stress out of finding a mortgage and to make the entire process much easier to understand.  We work for you not the banks!

About Us

iMortgage Broker Brisbane is a free service which connects local customers with local mortgage experts. A brokerage service connecting you with local experienced brokers with extensive knowledge of the home loan market.

Every broker we use has a credit license issued by ASIC or has authorisation from a credit licensee. Find out more about their licenses when booking your consultation. When working with a broker, you expect honesty and integrity. We aim to provide you with experienced professionals who offer the best mortgage advice in Brisbane.

What does a mortgage broker do?

A mortgage broker plays a very important part in the mortgage process, acting as a liaison between the borrower and the lender.  They will research mortgage products on the market from the many hundreds that are available and will help you through the application process.  At every step of the way, they will provide you with expert advice.

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Why Use Us?

We do the legwork for you

Mortgage brokers are in touch with many lenders, some of whom you may not know about.

We are batting for you

An independent mortgage broker is on your side not the lenders’.  You will get unbiased advice and be given access to more products than if you went to a high street lender.   What’s more, a mortgage broker has a duty of care to you, the borrower.

Under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act, mortgage brokers are required to ensure that the loan is not unsuitable for your situation.  And if their advice is incorrect, you can lodge a complaint.

We provide expert advice

Long-term home loans are more than just interest rates.  A mortgage specialist can explain in clear detail the subtleties of different types of mortgages that can make a big difference to the amount you pay.

We know the home loan industry

A good and well established broker will already have formed links and relationships with some lenders.  He or she will then know or be able to tell you in a very short period of time which lenders may cater for your specific needs.  This can be particularly helpful for people who have a poor credit rating and are looking for an affordable mortgage.

How We Can Help You Obtain a Mortgage

Our mortgage specialists will take the time to discuss your needs and circumstances.  For this, we will need to know your financial situation, such as details of your income.  Among the documents we will need to see are personal bank statements, payslips, tax returns and details of any outstanding loans that you may have.

Once we have all this information, we will search the market for the best mortgage products available for your particular situation.  This involves consulting our continually updated database, which contains loan products from major banks, small banks, credit unions and other lenders.  We also look for the best and latest deals from lenders.

Then we will discu

ss the various loan products available to you and compare their features and benefits.  This will cover such areas as their repayment fees and any upfront or ongoing costs.  At iMortgage Broker Brisbane, you are our number one priority and following our detailed research and discussions with you, we will recommended a product or products that we think best suit your needs.

If you wish to proceed with a mortgage loan application, your agent will help you complete the paperwork and submit the application on your behalf. They will continuously liaise with the lender until your mortgage is approved and settled.

Our experts can also recommend home insurance solutions for you to protect your home or investment property.

Our Services

  • First Home Buyers
  • Car Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Loan Pre-Approvals
  • Land Purchase
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  • Mortgage Advice

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a mortgage broker do?

A mortgage broker makes their living by getting people the best deals they can find on mortgages. They do this by taking your financial info- things like your credit score, tax history, etc. and sending it out to multiple lenders. After this, they find the best offer and send it to you for review.

The idea behind the mortgage broker is that they will know more than the average mortgage seeker, and thus be able to get better deals that will pay off better in the future. They are professional deal-spotters for home searchers.

How much does a mortgage broker cost?

Mortgage brokers will usually cost you a portion of the total loan secured. This is referred to as an origination fee, and it can get pretty high the higher your mortgage goes. Commonly, brokers will charge a 1% origination fee. This covers the cost of their labor-time. So, if you get a $300,000 loan, you could end up paying a fee of $3,000 or more.

How long does it take to approve a home loan?

It really depends on the circumstances. One thing we can say for sure, though, is that it usually takes longer when you’re using a broker. This can be a bad thing if you’re looking to get into a house right away, but it can also be a huge benefit because you know your broker is taking the time to find good deals and decide between offers.

According to Ellie Mae, mortgages take around 49 days to close. It varies depending on your financial health, how motivated your broker is to get a good deal, and how much work you have to do to get in shape financially.

Can I get any first home buyer benefits from the Government?

It depends on where you live in Australia. In some states, you can get grants as high as $20,000 if you’re a first-time homebuyer. These come in handy for things like down-payments and cost-cutting. In Tasmania, for example, you can even get as high as a $20,000 grant just for purchasing or building a new home or buying an off-the-plan property.

Other places, like the Australian Capital Territory, are less magnanimous, granting only a stamp duty concession for eligible applicants. This is part of the state’s Home Buyer Concession Scheme.

How much house deposit will we need?

Your total up-front deposit amount will vary depending on whether or not you have mortgage insurance. With mortgage insurance, the usual required deposit will be around 20% of the total mortgage secured. This is a pretty steep price, so it might be advisable to get mortgage insurance if you can.

So, in this case, you may end up having to pay $20,000 on a $100,000 loan.

If you do have mortgage insurance – you’re in luck. You’ll likely only have to pay around 5% up-front to secure a good mortgage. So, that same $100,000 loan would only cost you $5,000 down.

Customer Reviews

When I started looking for a home loan, I found the whole process very intimidating. iMortgage Broker Brisbane made it so easy to get a loan and compared all the rates for me. I didn’t have to fill out hundreds of applications or provide too much information. I feel happy with the mortgage I secured and definitely recommend the services to anyone who feels uncomfortable finding their first home loan. Completely satisfied.

Kasey Spruce – Springwood

I felt totally safe with my mortgage future in your hands. It was an easy time to get the finance and a breeze to pay off later payments as well. Manageable fees with a great service. Well done.

Felcity Simms – The Gap

This was the best experience I have had with a mortgage broker. I have secured one mortgage before in my life and had more trouble then than I had with Charmayne.

Stacey Burgess – Fortitude Valley

Good people and easy to get along with. We had our loan approved fast with great rates. Fantastic to work with!

Nick Withers – Burpengary

Great brokers for anyone intimidated by getting a mortgage. Wonderful services.

Brad Stoser – Morayfield

So good to find brokers who really care. Diligent workers who find the best rates for your requirements. High recommended.

Chris Castle – Caboolture

Such a helpful person and was so knowledgeable on getting a mortgage. I really liked how he was willing to sit down and talk me through the process. Five stars.

Andrew Piven – Bridgeman Downs

Friendly team and smart as a whip. The process went over very easily.

Christine Brown – Indooroopilly

Great brokers with lots of dedication. I have already sent them to my brother in law. Thank you.

Samantha Manley – Chermside

Had a spectacular time and will make sure to go back if I ever need mortgage help again.

Bill Summers – Redcliffe

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